If you like the humanities and respect scientific thinking, you will love Scienities.

Life does not unfold like a class schedule. Daily problems require simultaneous use of multiple thinking skills emphasized in different parts of curricula. Students walk from class to class, typically on different sectors of campus, laboring in mutually exclusive disciplines.

Industrious study habits lead to success in the form of diplomas and degrees, but in the daily educational grind, integration of subject knowledge often fails to manifest. Divergent subjects remain separate and resist formation of a interweaving stream of thought.

Education conditions us to believe science stands apart from the humanities. In many ways, science and the humanities compete for influence and adherents in schools. I see science as a critical influence on language, history and religion. Science sprouted from the soil of the humanities and science continues to display profound human connection many decades after the disciplines went separate ways.

Individual posts on Scienities won’t always integrate multiple modes of thinking drawing from aspects of science and humanities, but that spirit permeates the blog. Join me as I attempt to defragment my brain. Maybe reading Scienities will help you discover previously unknown connections.

Many people call me “monty,” but you can call me “Shawn.” I live in Salt Lake City; my previous homes include Kenya, Mexico, Ghana and Iowa. I enjoy writing, teaching and studying data.

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